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Why use financial forecasting software?

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AUDIO: ABR editor Rob Kingsbury interviews Andy Hart, founder of The, on the use of financial forecasting software in financial planning, including in first client meetings.

Total running time: 13.52 minutes

Questions and time stamps

1. At what point did you start to use financial forecasting as a financial planner and why? (0.48)


Hands-on learning

The complex UK financial market requires sophisticated tools

2. Does financial forecasting best suit clients with complex issues or can it be used across the board? (4.04)

3. Using cashflow forecasting in client first meetings (4.58)

Building a plan in front of the client.

Winning a major client from using forecasting in first meeting

Standard advice

4. Use of ‘what if’ scenarios in client meetings (7.20)

The switch from accumulation to decumulaton

Thinking big picture

Consistency of presentation

Fluidity of cashflow forecasting

5. Use of financial forecasting as integrated or standalone software (10.43)

6. How can business owners know which software offering is going to be the best fit for their business? (11.51)


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