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Two new booklets aim to facilitate advice process

Advisory guidance booklets on Care Advice and Pre-nuptial agreements published by Partnership and family law firm Withers LLP

Approaching the anniversary of the introduction of the first tranche of the Care Act, Partnership has launched a new guide for adviser firms that are considering operating in this market.

The guide entitled ‘Getting Started in Care’ is aimed at those intermediaries who have just started operating in this sector or may be considering offering advice to the estimated 433,000 adults who live in residential care.

The booklet is divided into twelve chapters and covers areas such as:

• Lead Generation

• The Care Advice Process

• Power of Attorney

• Making recommendations

• Handling Questions and objections

• Ongoing servicing

It also includes a common terms reference guide, which can help new advisers navigate the often confusing jargon that is used when advising on this sector.

Jim Boyd, director of Corporate Communications, Partnership said:

“Most over-45s have never thought about needing care or spoken to their families about this eventuality, so when they do reach a point in retirement when they need this type of support it can come as a huge financial and emotional shock. Specialist intermediaries are key to helping them and their loved ones cope with the decisions that need to be made at this time.

“Whether it is choosing to sell their home, use their pension income to meet costs or take out an immediate needs annuity, they need guidance and support as they navigate the often confusing care system. This guide which looks to help those advisers who are interested in becoming more involved in this very important sector.”

Click here to go to booklet download page. 

Pre-nup guide

Withers pre-nup booklet coverScreen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.19.12Family law firm Withers LLP, has published a practical guide dealing with the issues of arranging pre-nuptial agreements for wealthy clients.

The guide provides real-world tips advisers can use to help their clients bring up the subject of pre-nups with a partner, or with children, as well as case studies illustrating the experiences of clients.

Pre- and post-nups are increasingly popular, driven by rising entrepreneurial wealth, later marriages, swelling household debt and the increase in second marriages. Although they are not yet legally binding in England & Wales, the presumption is that family courts will uphold a pre-nup if it has been properly and fairly arranged.

The treatment and protection of wealth in a relationship can be a difficult issue, and the guide proposes presenting pre-nups in a similar way to insurance policies, which one does not take out in preparation for a problem actually occurring, but to minimise the damage if it does.

Julian Lipson, head of the London Family law team, said that while pre-nups are “a very effective tool for couples to help manage their assets and avoid disputes”, they could also be “a sensitive subject to start to discuss with your partner or your children, particularly when you are focused on planning a wedding.

“We have advised on approaching 500 pre-nups and post-nups in the past five years alone, and have created a practical guide to talking about them without undermining the relationship. Whatever the motivation for arranging a pre-nup, it should be a simple process that couples can go through together and then hopefully forget about.”

Download booklet here.



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