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Something Festive: The Nine Homes of Christmas

To lighten up the most wonderful time of year, money saving online estate agent has compiled a list of memorable properties from Christmas movies and what value these epic Nine Homes of Christmas would have in today’s market

As the wine mulls, the mistletoes wait for lovers, and the halls are decked with boughs of holly, many fall into the chaos of a materialistic Christmas season. One of the best ways to unwind and get into the holiday spirit is to watch classic Christmas movies with friends and family. But how much would these Christmas film houses go for in the current market?

Whoville tops the list offering a Grinch’s cave with a view – the asking price is a mere £1.3M. This rustic property is close to some exceptional hikes and is only a short walk to the village where there are restaurants, shops and excessive of festive cheer. This is an exquisite spot for Christmas lovers because of the markets and carolers almost all year around.

In a more urban setting, Nakatomi Towers in central Los Angeles is a luxurious alternative for both Christmas and Die Hard fans. A two bedroom flat looking out on the glowing city lights has a price tag of £3,000,079.

For those who like to be closer to ground zero, a romantic cottage in Shere is the perfect getaway from big city. A property similar to Kate Winslet’s charming home in Surrey goes for £725,000 – the price does not include Jude Law.

Further south in the English countryside is the fictitious setting of the Snowman. The rural Sussex setting of a four-bedroom home with a garden where the famous snowman was built has a £850,000 price tag.

Traveling back up to the capital, are the two properties shown in About a Boy. Hugh Grant’s central London flat in EC1 could range drastically in price today from £1.5M depending on size and amenities. However, the two bedroom Kentish Town apartment belonging to Will and his mother has a more affordable price tag of £925,000. This area has gone through extensive gentrification since the filming and would have cost significantly less then.

A terraced home in the “dodgy” part of Wandsworth is the location of holiday favourite Love Actually. Although the actual house used is in Herne Hill, a similar property in Wandsworth costs £1,100,000. It is shown in the scene where the Prime Minister shows up to spread love before attending the Christmas concert at the local school. House prices have sky-rocketed in London in recent years, so the average house price in the area in 2003 when the film was released was just £255,024.

The most iconic Christmas home is without a doubt Kevin McAllister’s self-secured Chicago mansion. It is big enough for both a ten-year child and a family of seven. Although it is not currently on the market, the cost is estimated at £1,571,521.

Any list showing Christmas homes is not complete without Santa’s Scandinavian-style farm in the North Pole. This fabulous home goes for an impressive £2.7M, but it not likely to go on the market in the near future since it has stayed in the Claus family for generations. The property includes eight fire places, twelve bedrooms, two kitchens, a separate workshop and a barn to house the reindeer.

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