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Plan, attract, engage: How to get more client leads from your blog

Sam Turner, online marketing strategist at ClientsFirst, provides three top tips that will help you to get more leads from your firm’s blog

We recently delivered a webinar on the BrightTalk platform discussing how you can use your blog not just to increase traffic, but to convert that traffic into leads and eventually clients.

We often find with firms we begin working with that they have a strategy for attracting visitors to their website – a social strategy perhaps – or are successfully publishing an amount of content, but that they are lacking the wider marketing strategy to link everything together. ‘How is your marketing strategy helping your sales strategy?’, is a frequent question.

You can watch the full webinar by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page, but here are three key points that will help you to get moving in the right direction.

Have a plan to get contact details

Most website content is anonymous website content. When you look into your Google Analytics account, you can see visitors, but typically, you have no idea who any of them are. This makes further marketing and sales activity difficult, if not impossible, which is a shame: these people were on your website at one point so it’s safe to assume that at least some of them might have an interest in being a client.

In the webinar above, we discuss having a plan to get contact details. This can be a sophisticated content-driven plan, as above, or, if you are struggling for marketing resource, just a simple ‘sign up to our newsletter’ button. The former is obviously more powerful, but make sure you at least have something there that tempts visitors to leave their contact details, building up a marketing database of interested contacts for you.

Attract more traffic

Yes, it is an old aim of online marketing, but it is true that this style of web marketing is like the traditional sales funnel: you need to top it up with traffic to receive new clients further down the funnel.

The first way to attract more traffic is simple: write better content.

If you are writing an article or a guide that is, say, ‘a guide to the best pension providers’, then do a quick Google search for exactly that title. Can you write something better than the current top Google result? Something with more detail, that will answer more questions? You will need to do so, in order to attract more visitors to that content, achieve higher rankings and generally produce more successful content. Otherwise, why should someone read your content over that very result?

Have a plan for further engagement

Assuming you can get some contact details, in order to engage in further marketing and advance your website visitor to a lead, then you will need to have a plan on what else you can send your new lead.

How will you engage them further and show that your firm is the one they should trust?

This could involve more content, or an invite to an event perhaps.

Either way, many web visitors are unlikely to buy financial advice on the strength of reading one of your blogs, so a plan for an engaging follow-up is both a must and a starting point for a more all-encompassing marketing strategy for your firm.

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