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Pension Dashboard data feed demo to be made via Twitter – 12pm, 14/9

Origo is to tweet a demonstration of a working proof of concept for the data feed engine that could sit behind the industry’s pension dashboards on Wednesday 14 September at 12pm.

The demo will take approximately 15 minutes and can be accessed via


The not-for-profit FinTech company said the demonstration is part of its work to help the industry accelerate the delivery of a pensions dashboard.

In July, the company demonstrated a successful live data and valuations feed for a pension dashboard, where a ‘find my pensions’ request was sent and fed back to a mocked-up dashboard screen, to a group of industry representatives.

Origo said the technology underlying its recently launched Integration Hub forms the major backbone to the development and will give pension companies the ability to quickly hook up to a central hub to enable the secure supply of their pension dashboards data.

Origo was part of the Pension Finder Alpha Project, where it had responsibility for the architecture workstream, working with the industry to define the requirements for how dashboards will be populated by pension companies.

Treasury announced at the ‘Building the Pensions Dashboard – the vision and next steps’ meeting this week that it had secured agreement from 11 of the largest pension providers to build a prototype of the pensions dashboard consumer interface. At the meeting the Economic Secretary to the Treasury Simon Kirby set out the government’s vision for the dashboard as an open, flexible, reliable, FinTech-based model.

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