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What’s the business threat of not offering an online service?

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AUDIO: What’s the threat to adviser firms’ future business streams of not offering an online service? ABR editor Rob Kingsbury talks to Bridget Greenwood, director Financial Social Media UK


(Total running time: 9.15 mins)

There are threats and opportunities for financial adviser firms around engaging with future HNWs and offering them services in the online space.


Bridget Greenwood: “Google+ has so many incredible business tools that you could now use to engage online in a face-to-face conference with your client; you can record it, you can keep it as private, you can share documents in there; everything you would want to do face-to-face you can now do online. It’s no longer the case that it’s very expensive video conferencing that you need to have, these are free tools that people can use.”

Bridget Greenwood: “Learnvest in the US (and Wealth Horizon in the UK) combine technology with certified financial planners. They’ve looked at a way to use technology so they can help everyone with financial advice no matter at what level; they don’t have to wait until they are high net worth clients.”


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