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You vote for it. We’ll write it. Introducing the Non-Marketers’ Playbook

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We’ll bet that most advisers running financial planning businesses wouldn’t count themselves as being marketers. Well, why would you?
But for a non-marketer, the world of marketing can be a bit of maze to navigate can’t it? Especially without the deep pockets of much bigger businesses.
Whether it’s branding your business to content marketing, or promotional design and print to PR – where do you start?
At ABR we’ve been thinking about that.
Yes, we already publish topical insights from leading marketing practitioners – and we’ll continue to that – but we want to try something new: Something different; something practical.
And then we hit on an idea: What if YOU set the agenda by voting for the aspect of marketing you’d like to get to grips with, and ABR will dig into?
We’ve invited brand consultant, Ian Thomas, to take on the task of tackling the topic that tops the poll.
As well as publishing the latest thinking, ideas and tips gathered from experts that he talks to, for each topic Ian will create a practical step-by-step guide to help you easily grips with different marketing disciplines.
So what marketing issues are front of mind for your business right now? Just take a moment to vote now and let Ian and ABR do the rest.
Rob Kingsbury
Adviser Business Review


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