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Do you need to blog?

Writing a regular blog can not only attract more clients to your business but also at less cost than traditional marketing, says internet psychologist Graham Jones

I was asked the other day by a client if they should give up blogging as they were running out of ideas and didn’t want their blog to seem boring. Far from giving up, I encouraged them to work on their idea generation instead. Why? Because for the umpteenth year on a row, the latest research on the effectiveness of online marketing shows that blogging (a.k.a – writing stuff) is the number one method of generating sales leads.

Back in 2005, Business Week magazine ran a special issue on blogging and pronounced that blogging was no longer a “nice to have” but an essential element of modern business. Since then, the online marketing company HubSpot has carried out several studies on how companies get their business.

Their latest report has just been published and it confirms – once again – that written material is fundamental and that blogging is the main way in which companies generate leads. Indeed, the report shows that “inbound marketing” – blogs, social media, search marketing – produces twice as many leads as traditional marketing. On top of that, each lead costs less. For instance, in companies employing up to 25 people the average cost of generating a lead from “ordinary” marketing is around £64 whereas leads produced from blogs cost only £23. Getting business from blogging is therefore much more profitable.

It might seem like you are doing nothing, just sitting at your computer typing articles. You will probably be itching to “get out there” and meet potential clients, go to trade shows, get on the phone. But they cost money and the number of sales leads you can produce from sitting at your computer is far greater.

So why do people think that blogging is dead? It is because they haven’t done enough of it. Each week I meet business owners who say “we tried blogging but it didn’t work”. And when I ask them how long and how often have they been blogging it turns out that they have averaged one blog post a week for the past month or two. That’s not blogging for business; that’s a hobby.

In order to generate the number of leads which the HubSpot report shows you can achieve, you have to blog multiple times each week – and allow at least six weeks of doing this before you begin to see your first results. Blogging is only dead for those businesses that do not do it properly.

Writing articles – call it blogging if you like – is as old as business. It has always been essential for firms to thrive. People who blog regularly know they generate sales as a result. If you are not generating those leads, then the latest HubSpot report points you in the right direction. Do more blogging and you will generate more sales leads at a lower cost to your business.

Do you really need to blog? Boy oh boy, you do need to…!

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