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Intelligent Office – a great decision


Aspira Corporate Solutions’ Chief Executive Derek Miles and Operations Director Andrew Chidgey discuss the company’s recent move to IntelliFlo’s Intelligent Office 

Read the interview or watch the video (below):

Leading edge technology

Derek Miles: We’d adopted Adviser Office when we first started some 14-15 years ago, which at the time was good software. It was leading in the industry to have business management software not loads of filing cabinets and paper-based information. But we got to the stage 18 months ago where we said, ‘look technology has moved on but we don’t really think Adviser Office has moved on, it’s time to look around’. So we undertook a full review, we scoped out what we wanted the software to do and to help the business develop.

One of the big advantages of Intelligent Office (IO) is the range of tools, the financial planner/adviser centre – that was key in our decision to change.

One the main efficiencies for us is having the data fed through. I want the data keyed once, not four times which is where we were. We just felt that IO delivered a better overall package for us to take the business forward.


Seamless migration

Andrew Chidgey: We looked at other providers about six years ago and we didn’t feel confident that any system could pick the data up, put it down and for it to be okay. IntelliFlo gave us confidence that that could happen.

Derek Miles: The project planning was excellent and kept everyone to task. Data migration was good, the cleansing of data prior to it was very useful and the training has been invaluable. We wanted to be sure that everyone learned how to use it well from Day One so that we could maximise the value going forward.

Andrew Chidgey: The ability for a client to see all their financial goings-on in one place – that can’t be underestimated. The efficiency of a client and an adviser being able to update information on site or at any stage, and for that to feed directly into the back-office system – fantastic. In terms of cost saving, that’s immense. The ability to use the portal for messaging, and the data protection – fantastic also. That’s a winner. The ability to deliver documents but also then to review through the financial planning tools online, can’t be underestimated.

Management information (MI)

Andrew Chidgey: Business MI lets you govern the business well, it let’s you look at the development of the business, strategically it helps you plan. One massive difference we’ve seen with Intelligent Offfice is the ability to pull basically any piece of information out of the system, which is always how we felt it should be.

Derek Miles: We need to know what work we’ve got in the business. We can’t make decisions on resource and allocation of resource in the business unless we know what workloads we’ve got. So the workflow side of it again, we see as a huge benefit. It’s helping us become more efficient and the cost savings with that are astronomical.

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