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Insight: New online Voyant training programme

Andy Hart, founder of, has just launched a new online training programme, Voyant Mastery. ABR editor Rob Kingsbury spoke to him about what it offers financial advisers


Rob Kingsbury: Andy, first let’s clarify your credentials in respect of Voyant. You’re not part of Voyant the company, you’re a financial planner and an independent trainer on the software?

Andy Hart: I’m independent of Voyant. I am a Voyant accredited trainer and I run a consultancy called Crucially, I am a practicing financial planner working in London, where I use Voyant as part of my work with clients. So I’m not just training on Voyant I’m using it in practical situations with my clients on pretty much a daily basis.

Over the past grew years I’ve probably trained hundreds of advisers with various levels of skill and experience of using Voyant in how to get the best out of the software. It started in the UK but now I go to Ireland a few times a year to train advisers there as well.

I do master classes, in which I train between 10-15 advisers, I go into firms all around the UK and in Eire, and I do one-to-one training with advisers. Now I’m introducing Voyant Mastery to fill the gap. Also, I run and chair the London Voyant user group, which consists of around 35 advisers.

RK: So what is Voyant Mastery bringing to the market?

AH: Voyant Mastery is a membership site, providing online training though a series of over 70 videos. It’s going to be for advisers who are self-starters and those who are comfortable learning online, or who feel the group and one-to-one training is not for them.

Voyant Mastery puts all the videos in belt order, those familiar with my training know that I’ve based it on the martial art idea that people work their way through the various belts, starting with white and going through yellow, orange, blue, brown, black.

Using the online tutorials advisers can work their way up through the belts, and advisers will come in to the programme at different levels, at the pace that suits them. They can pause the videos to think about their own Voyant system or use them to research as they are working on client cases, or dip in and out when they want to learn the certain parts of the system they most want help with.

The videos are usually between seven and ten minutes, although the more advanced black belt videos can be longer. And it gives advisers the chance to travel the full journey from the basics to the very advanced.

All members of Voyant Mastery have access to all of the 70 plus videos from day one.

It’s allowing me to reach advisers that it may have been impossible for me to do otherwise. For example, I’ve had a number of advisers sign up in remote parts of Ireland that I would never have been able to get to personally.

RK: Explain how the belt system helps users of the programme.

AH: I introduced the belt system soon after I started training on Voyant because I’d get advisers who’d say “I’ve cracked Voyant and I just need a bit of help maybe” and I’d think fantastic, they know it all already, and other advisers would ring up and say “I’m really struggling with it I need a lot of help”. But often it was the reverse; the over confident ones were often overlooking large parts of the system which would help them while the advisers who were saying they needed a lot of help were actually doing quite well and didn’t need much help.

So I listed all the various elements that advisers needed to become proficient in Voyant and graded them at different skill levels. When I’d done that the martial arts belt system seemed to suit it. So now the first thing I ask advisers to do when they come to me for training is to look at the website and the various proficiencies under the belt system to let me know where they think they are. That way I can get a more realistic handle on where they truly sit in terms of their skill level and development.

RK: How intuitive is Voyant and how easy is it going to be for people to get to grips with the system through a virtually delivered course?

AH: Voyant can be quite complicated. Getting to black belt takes time. What’s key to getting the most from Voyant Mastery, as with any online training course, is that advisers use it in their financial planning. They need to be using Voyant, using it live in front of clients, building client cases with the software, and then implementing what they’ve learned from the site. Then it will start to become the bedrock of their financial planning business. Which is where I think it should be. I call Voyant the Tool of our Trade.

I’ve spent the past five years learning Voyant, going into things in depth, making the mistakes and finding ways to do things better. With Voyant Mastery advisers get a shorter route to becoming master Voyant practitioners.

RK: Finally, the all important point, what’s the cost?

AH: The cost is £99 per month per firm, on a rolling basis and you can cancel anytime. Or there is an annual subscription of £799.00, which is a saving of a third of the annual costs.

And although this is an online course, I’m not leaving advisers entirely to their own devices, I will be around if they have specific questions or for one-to-one remote training.

Visit the Voyant Mastery website




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