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How to get the best from your recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are criticised for charging high fees, having a scattergun approach to sending out CVs, for mismatching candidates with the roles available. This can cause business owners and managers huge amounts of frustration and wasted time in the process.

In this 7 minute interview, ABR editor Rob Kingsbury talks to Jess Wood, managing director of Sandringham Wood, about how to get the best out of recruitment agencies, so you get to see people of the fit, type and calibre that you want for the roles in your company.

0.24: Is it better to use a range of recruitment agencies or go with one or two specialists?

2.57: How can advisers ensure they get to see the recruits who will be the right fit for them and an asset to their company going forward?

5.12: Why do you advise firms not go for the finished article when they are recruiting?

Next Week: Look out for our interview with Jess on why the recruitment market needs to change.

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