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6 key areas when building a successful adviser brand

The most successful firms clearly understand their brand. Sam Turner, online marketing strategist at ClientsFirst, looks at 6 key areas and the questions that advisers should ask themselves when looking to create a brand that will resonate with clients

What is your brand?

Is it your logo? Your colours? The intangible ‘feeling’ around your business?

Do you control it, or do others? Does it fit with where your firm is heading, or need a refresh? Do your target market love it, or actively despise it?

Establishing your firm’s brand, or establishing a new brand for your firm, can be a difficult thing to do, but using a brand model to break down the constituent parts that matter can make it easier. Consider the six areas below and the answers to the questions posed. Do they match up with how your firm currently presents itself to clients?

1. Clients (this section sits over and above all others!)

What are the characteristics of our target clients? What lifestyle do they lead? What is their ‘why’? What are their behaviours and values that make them relevant to us?

2. Our story

Why do we do what we do, what is our why? What is the essence of our business that comes from our history and our people? If you don’t know the story of your business, how can you be sure your potential clients do?

3. Investment experience

What are the principles and philosophy that underpin our investment recommendations? How does this shape the client experience?

4. The client experience

How do we deliver our proposition and engage and build trust with our clients to create a sense of belonging?

5. Proposition

What is it we do, what are the core attributes that define our proposition? What is our approach to the development and improvement of our core services?

6. Audience influence

How do we present ourselves and behave to our wider audience, peers, suppliers and stakeholders? What do they see and hear and how are we perceived?

The most successful firms clearly understand their brand. There is value in spending time on your own brand model as outlined above, before doing anything else to do with your marketing. Engage with the wider team in this exercise to make a full and compelling statement about the essence of your firm. Everything else that you do can flow from here.

A useful point to remember is that marketing is what you do; branding is what you are. Good luck!

This article is adapted from Adviser Store’s new publication: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Advisory Firm

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