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How can you get more of the right website visitors?

How can you position your website to attract prospects that will be long-lasting and have an impact on your company’s bottom line? Focus is the answer, suggests consultant Graham Jones 

When people ask me how they can get more visitors to their website I ask another question: what’s wrong with the visitors you are already getting? Because if you think your business needs more web visitors it suggests that the ones you are already getting are not doing business with you. So they must be the wrong kind of visitors in the first place.

Often, people think they need more web visitors, when actually what they really need is the right kind of visitors. Your website might not need more visitors at all; it just needs different ones.

So the issue is how do you attract the right kind of visitors? How do you get the people to your website who are going to buy the kind of products and services you sell?

The answer to that is rather more straightforward than it seems. What kind of people does Facebook attract? It seeks to engage only with people who are willing to share the ins-and-outs of their lives with many people. Most of the people on Facebook are extroverts who do not mind having the minutiae of their daily lives known by all and sundry. Facebook doesn’t actually care about the visitors who are introverted, who do not like sharing things. The company is only interested in a rather precise subset of the population.

It is this clarity that helps both the business and the website visitor. When you know precisely who your website is aiming at, the content you add to that site will be more focused and aimed squarely at such individuals. Then, when those people see your blog posts or your social media activity targeted at them, they are more likely to visit your site.

In other words, by knowing exactly who you are aiming at you can produce the right content that attracts the right people.

All too often websites aim at a rather more generic grouping of people. For instance, I asked a law firm recently who they were aiming at and their answer was “anyone who wants legal services”. Whilst that may be true, it means that they attract all kinds of people to their website, most of whom are not going to buy anything from them. So I suggested constructing a website that was focused solely on legal advice to sole traders in a specific geographic area. The result of that is the law firm now knows exactly what to put on such a website and the visitors end up being precisely the kind of people they want to attract. They didn’t need more visitors; they just needed more focus.

You can get more of the right kind of visitors if you make it obvious who you want to attract. And you can only do that once you have decided precisely who you are targeting.

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