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Guiding investors back on course

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Research shows that to avoid huge problems in their retirement years investors must not only move out of cash and start investing again but almost certainly, they will have to take more risk.

At the same time, the RDR has created the advice gap in the savings market that is currently being filled by a flurry of self-investing propositions, which are being delivered in new, technology-focused ways.

Savers and investors need guiding back into investing and a trusted source through which to purchase their products and services.

Adviser firms that can de-mystify investing, offering a blend of face-to-face financial advice for those that need it now, and an education-led, self-invested option for those who want to accumulate wealth but do not need a full financial planning service at present, will have the opportunity to increase their revenue sources and diversify and build sustainability into their business models.





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