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Support for firms seeking fast and sustainable growth

GrowthAccelerator is a government-sponsored service targeting high growth businesses that want to enter their next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there, explains Nicola Ghalmi, marketing executive for GrowthAccelerator

It is a well-known fact that last year the financial services employment sector saw its fastest growth rate since 2007. Companies in the finance industry are estimated to have hired an extra 10,000 members of staff during 2013, which has boosted the sector substantially.
However, what is less known is how companies have achieved high growth and the services available that have supported them in doing so.

Brightstar Financial Limited, is one thousands of companies within this sector to have substantially grown their company and recruited new team members as a result of participating in GrowthAccelerator, a government backed service designed to help businesses achieve high growth faster.
Brightstar was founded by CEO Rob Jupp and provides bespoke finance for secured loans, bridging finance, commercial funding and specialist mortgages. The team, which was led and staffed by highly motivated and knowledgeable specialists, many of whom had been made redundant in the financial crisis of 2007/8, has established both a strong reputation among brokers and independent financial advisers.
Although the company had done well, Rob knew he was so busy working in the business rather than driving it forward, that he was risking his vision of creating a high growth and sustainable company. Reaching his goal required him to focus on the things that would get the right results, including preparing his team for change and for Rob himself to lead his team with confidence during the growth.
Bespoke development plan
With the help of GrowthAccelerator, Rob plotted a course between where the business was and where he wanted it to go. He identified the key components needed that would deliver his vision as well as obstacles he would face, along with the ways to overcome them along the way.
Rob’s vision and new strategy have been articulated and their leadership, organisational and cultural implications addressed. Communication has been improved, making for a more cohesive team who have shared goals. The performance of Rob’s team was improved through a company restructure and a bespoke nine-month development programme for his team leaders.
“GrowthAccelerator has been fantastic,” says Rob. “We were doing well but now business is booming. It has enabled us to think, plan and develop so much more than we would ever have achieved by ourselves. Our divisions are now very well run by leaders who understand both the company journey and human nature better. Without our coach’s guidance and support, all the component parts that have got us to where we are now, would not have come together; turnover has leapt from £735,000 to £2.8m and we’re about to grow our workforce by 33% and move into new, larger premises.”

The GrowthAccelerator service, which has now helped over 10,000 businesses achieve fast and sustainable growth is available to any type of small and medium sized business in any industry and sector. The service has been uniquely designed to suit any company at any stage in the company cycle.  GrowthAccelerator exclusively targets high growth businesses that want to enter their next growth phase and have the potential and determination to get there.

If you are a business owner who isregistered in the UK and based in England, with fewer than 250 employees, a turnover of less than £40m with the determination and ambition to drive your business forward then join GrowthAccelerator and drive your business ambitions forward.

Please visit to find out how the service can drive your business to high growth and to start your growth journey.

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