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Does Google+ have any relevance to adviser businesses?

Often disregarded by advisers businesses in favour of LinkedIn, Twitter and their own websites, in fact Google+ has many advantages, not least on the SEO front, says Bridget Greenwood director Financial Social Media UK

Google’s social network, Google+, launched in 2011. The question is, does it have any relevance to your business? Here are six reasons you should consider using it:

1. More people have a Google+ account than you might realise, because if you use some of Google’s other services then you automatically have a Google+ account.

2. Businesses who have registered with Google+ often get extra visibility in search results, with a portion of the results page displaying information from their Google+ profile.

3. Google’s addition of Communities to the network means that you can easily join communities that share your interest and learn, share and discuss topics of interest and relevance to you. It’s useful and easy to use.

4. Why not create your own community around a subject that’s useful to your prospects? These communities can be open or closed, meaning that anyone can join in and see the discussions, or they can be more private – you choose.

5. Hangouts – or to you and me, free video conferencing. You can choose to hold in-house meetings with team members that aren’t always in the same office. Hold client meetings, interview experts, use it for demonstrations, talk through industry news; its use is limited only by your thinking. If you do a Hangout live on air, then Google will even record it straight to YouTube for you, so that others can watch it at a time that suits them, and you can embed the video into your website or other content. It is hands down the best business tool that Google+ has to offer.

6. Google+ is free, easy to use, and provides you with immediate ROI without any investment or advertising cost. Its most compelling use today is for the boost it gives your business in search rankings, and the ability to create new content with their tools. Add all these features together and you’ll find that no matter which way you look at it, Google+ has relevance to your business today.

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