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Why Google might start warning users against visiting your website


A tweak to your website now will avoid avoid being side stepped by Google, advises Gareth Thompson, MD of financial services website developer codepotato

Late last week Google blogged about their plans to start warning users when they visit a site that asks for a password or credit card information but doesn’t use HTTPS:// (SSL). You might be wondering “So what?”.

If we take into consideration that statistically, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser used nowadays (with 58% usage) this is a big deal. Especially as the majority of financial sites are not secured.

So what do they have in store? Well, from the next version of Chrome, any site where they can determine some sensitive data is submitted will now display “Not secure” next to the web address in the address bar.

For the majority of advisory websites, this won’t be an immediate issue, but Google have plans to eventually display a warning on sites that don’t use SSL in the future, regardless of what the site does. In fact, they actively suggest that websites nowadays should be secured with an SSL, as we’ve previously blogged.

In the near future, it will be common place for visitors to hunt out sites that are secure and non-secure sites will be shunned. It’s very easy and inexpensive to secure your site with an SSL, so if you would like some help doing this, please fill in the form below, and we’ll pop you a quick call to get you started.

What is SSL?

SSL is the technology that makes the padlock sign appear when you browse a website and these have historically been used on e-commerce sites or banks; until now. When a user visits your site, a secret handshake takes place between the browser and web server until both parties are convinced that it is indeed the right server to be delivering this content.

In the past, users online were told to look out for the padlock sign before submitting any sensitive information, especially banking information, so the minds of many have been brainwashed to feel comfort when this padlock is shown. Whilst this might appear to be witchcraft, it’s actually much easier than it’s ever been to add this to your site, and costs less than a meal out and a cinema visit for two.

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