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Get your basic online communication right

If you want to attract new clients via the internet start by getting the communication basics right, says Phil Calvert, founder of LifeTalk

The number of financial adviser firms that still don’t have a website are pretty startling. I’ve seen figures between 15% – 30%, but regular shows of hands at our workshops suggests it is around 20%

Many would argue that it’s amazing that there are any at all who still don’t have a website, particularly at a time when we’re being told that the Internet now dominates how consumers find information on financial matters.

Most advisers though will tell you that referrals are still their main source of new clients, and that’s fine. Some advisers tell me that they don’t want any new clients – and that’s fine too. But if you are like the majority of adviser firms and do want to build a quality client bank, then you have little option but to start embracing the Internet and online tools which also help create referrals.

But let’s start with something very basic – like your ‘Out of Office’ email. Who’d have thought that this simple and courteous communication could attract new clients? Well it could, if only you thought about it more carefully.

At LifeTalk we send out an update email of useful tips and links for advisers every day. And most days we receive between 20 to 100 ‘Out of Office’ replies – approximately 90% of which omit to highlight their website as an alternative place to communicate with their firm when the office is closed or to get answers to questions.

And despite around 70% of advisers being on LinkedIn, hardly any ever point people to their profile or company pages.

Thinking of using social media to attract new clients? First, start closer to home and show that you really are taking the Internet seriously.

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