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Five money-saving recruitment tips

Looking for new staff? David Tait, managing director of Redmill Resourcing provides five money-saving tips to consider before employing a recruitment agency

1. Often we have people within our organisation that want to progress and have the ability to do so. Up-skilling people from your existing workforce, who already know your business and how you work, can be an effective way to get the people you want rather than employing new individuals. For example, if you have a paraplanning need why not upskill your existing administrator. Upskilling is often more cost effective than hiring.

2. Have you run free advertising prior to engaging agency? You may be surprised to know that some of the UK’s largest job boards will allow new users to run a small number of adverts free of charge. You may just find our perfect employee through advertising cost free.

3. If you are a LinkedIn user then post your requirement to your existing network via an update and why not offer a small recommendation fee if you hire anyone that’s introduced in this manner.  Groups can also be an invaluable source of relevant candidates within LinkedIn, why not join a relevant group and network your way to the right candidate

4. If you have the time to search proactively for candidates directly you can access a large pool of CVs within relevant financial services databases such as e-financial careers, total jobs, city jobs and so on. You can access initial free trials on all of these databases and with a little effort might just find the perfect CV.

5. Plan for long term. Businesses with three to five year business plans are likely to know when they may need additional staff in the future. This can work very effectively where you can upskill existing staff, promoting them and bringing in replacement staff at a lower level that may be easier to find and cheaper to recruit.

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