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Book review: Financial Planning with Trusts

Kat Mock, senior paraplanner with The Paraplanners reviews Financial Planning with Trusts written by John Woolley

To my friends and colleagues, I am what is referred to as a “trusts geek”. Due to this, my previous team members were safe in the assumption that giving me Financial Planning with Trusts as a gift would be extremely well received. The book is arguably the most well used book in my reference library and is often rifled through for various planning queries I come across.

Written in a succinct, straight-forward and easy to understand manner, it covers many areas ranging from the advantages and disadvantages of various estate planning strategies to the more complex general principles of the taxation of trusts. The topics are broken down into easily digestible chapters and the book in itself is extremely easy to navigate for times when you just need to dip in to find an answer quickly.

The level of detail provided is well balanced without going into chapter and verse about every possible piece of legislation and odd rule so I found this much easier to read through than many of my other trust reference books (some of which require a lie down in a darkened room after just a few pages). In addition to its use as a reference tool, I would suggest it to anyone studying trusts and estate planning whether relatively new to the area or looking to hone their knowledge. For me, personally, my understanding has been greatly improved by this book and I continue to refer back to it on a regular basis.

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