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Do you see problems or opportunities?

Do you see problems or opportunities? Good leaders only see one, says Peter Bishop, executive business and presentation coach

Good business managers do not solve ‘problems’ they identify and seize ‘opportunities’. This is not just rhetoric it’s a shift of a way of thinking; a different outlook – leaders think about opportunities as opposed to ‘problems’.

You are not in business to solve problems you are in business to seize opportunities.

To the degree you are able to identify ‘opportunities’ in your work, every thing will change in your business and everything will change about the mindset of your people.

People who are constantly trying to solve ‘problems’ only discover there is another problem to solve.

Problems are unending.        Opportunities are unending.

The beauty of opportunities is that they always produce more than solving problems do.

You see, when you become good at seizing opportunities something extraordinary happens.

The Disney organisation has a Dreaming Room in all their major world hubs. In these rooms all employees are encouraged to dream and think about opportunities for the company. So, all they talk about in these rooms are opportunities.  No one is allowed to say, for example: “Yes, but… Hmm…no. I’m not sure… Sounds strange to me… That would never work… I’m not sure about that… impossible… a bit too complex… now that’s a problem…”

No, at Disney nobody is allowed to bring into the Dreaming Room all of the reasons why they couldn’t do something. In fact, if anybody does this they’re asked to leave immediately. In the Dreaming Room the only things they are there to talk about, are opportunities!

The Disney Company’s philosophy: “To be free to learn, children must be free to dream!”


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