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Boosting your business with a web app

Have you considered building an App for your business. If so, what would you build?

Adviser businesses are developing apps to help them to expand their businesses by delivering more self-service style offerings to clients and as a means to attract new clients to their firms.

We asked Gareth Thompson, managing director of independent web agency Codepotato, about the websites and Apps advisory firms are having built to boost their businesses, the pros and cons App building, the kind of Apps Codepotato has been building of late, and why firms should consider building their own Apps.

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00.9 What builds are most popular with adviser firms at the moment?

1.25 Why would a business build its own web app? the pros.

2.33 What are the downsides of building your own app?

3.17 What has Codepotato been working on recently?

4.06 Why should firms consider developing their own apps?

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