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Ben Goss talks FinTech in adviser businesses

In this filmed interview, Distribution Technology chief executive Ben Goss delves into trends and opportunities for advisers to better use digital and technology in their businesses.

Timeline (m/sec):

00.10 What trends do you see affecting the advisory market over the next 3-5 years & where will technology fit in?

2.33 How might advisers be using technology in their practices in the years ahead?

3.36 How can technology be used in the investment review process?

6.00 What opportunities do you see for advisers using technology?

9.27 So how is Distribution Technology helping advisers deliver to clients?


See also our review of Ben Goss’s new book: Catching the FinTech Wave – How to adopt FinTech and Transform Your Financial Planning Business in which he tackles the 5 “big challenges” all financial planning firms face in utilising digital.






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