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Intelliflo survey finds half of advisers would welcome Brexit

IntelliFlo surveyed 169 users of its Intelligent Office software during March 2016 on their views on Brexit and the possible impact on their business and their clients’ wealth.

Asking advisers for their views on Brexit the survey found:

• 50% would welcome Britain leaving the EU

• 62% say leaving will have a positive or no effect on the long-term future of the UK

• 34% say they want to stay part of Europe

• 38% say leaving will have a negative effect on the UK

• 16% remain undecided about whether to stay or go.

In terms of the impact leaving would have on their own businesses, the survey found:

• over a third (37%) believe it will have no impact

• almost a quarter (22%) say it would be positive

• around one in six (17%) feel it would be negative

• around a quarter (24%) say they don’t understand enough about it yet to have an opinion.

Asked about the impact they believe leaving the EU would have on the wealth of their clients, the survey found:

• slightly more than one in five (21%) believe it would have an impact on their clients’ wealth but in the short-term only, with one in 10 saying it would have a negative impact in the medium to long-term

• one in five (20%) don’t believe it would impact on the wealth of their clients

• 18% believe leaving will have a positive impact on their clients’ wealth in the medium to long-term, with just 2% saying it would be positive in the short-term only

• 29% are, as yet, unsure what impact it would have.

Commenting on the results, Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s executive chairman, says: “With three months to go to the vote it’s clear there are many advisers who are still in the process of weighing up the benefits of staying or going. However, with half of those we polled saying they will vote ‘no’, it looks like the ‘yes’ campaign have got their work cut out over the coming weeks.”

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