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Welcome to ABR’s Random Bites, where we highlight some of the adviser business articles that have resonated with us for different reasons, with links through to the stories on and off site


Davidson, Brett Oct 14“When I ask most firms how many referrals they generate per week, they look at me strangely. “What do you mean per week?” they say. “We get about 3 or 4 client referrals per year.” That’s when it’s my turn to look at them strangely because if that’s their number one marketing method, I’d sure hate to see their second best approach.”Adviser business consultant Brett Davidson      Read more

Dave-Scarlett“Question 10. The reason I teach advisers to ask this question is, if you don’t know what your client really, really, really wants in their life then what are you doing playing with their money?” From: 10 key questions to find out what clients really think about you and your business, by business coach & mentor, David J Scarlett     Read more


“Being a good adviser is not enough today, to really excel you need to have an amazing business too.” Michelle Hoskin, managing director, Standards International
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Graham-Jones-003On average in the past week the people who have received emails from me have opened each email five times. One person opened the same email 14 times within one day. Why? Graham Jones – Internet psychologist
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Hart Andy - Voyantist“My prediction is that as more and more of the market focuses on how it’s delivering service to the client, then the use of financial forecasting (cashflow modelling) software is going to grow exponentially.” Andy Hart, founder of      Read More

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