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Get the best results from your recruitment process


Continuing her series of interviews around best practice when recruiting in the financial services market, Jess Wood, managing director of recruitment agency Sandringham Wood, talks to Emma Hanney, HR manager at FE, about what firms can do to help themselves attract the right candidates for their roles and to get the best results from their recruitment process

This includes branding, image, the way the company presents itself externally and internally, the recruitment process and getting the right CVs from recruitment agencies.

Keep an eye out for more in this series of interviews in the weeks ahead.

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1.44 How important is employer branding in attracting candidates?

3.20 The importance of the look and content of your website to recruiting the right candidate.

6.01 Emma talks about using a recruitment agency.

8.05 Developing a relationship with a recruitment company.

9.50 What does a good interview process look like?

20.54 Old school interviews are not good enough anymore. In a market where good candidates are in short supply, you have to make an impact.






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