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Staffing issues to consider when buying or selling an adviser business


Keeping your staff on side through strategic change. 

In the first of a series of interviews, Jess Wood, managing director of recruitment company Sandringham Wood, talks with Dawn Pearce-Herzberg, MD of Vines Row, the sale and aquisition broker.

This discussion focuses on the issues that adviser firms face around communication and retaining key staff when they are going through a period of strategic change – such as preparing for the sale or the purchase of a business.

Keep an eye out for more in this series of interviews in the weeks ahead.

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3.12:   When a company is contemplating a strategic change like the sale of the business, what should the business management consider when communicating this to staff?

5.30:  What can advisers do to limit the rumour mill and not lose key staff?

7.29:  In an acquisition, should you help staff that may not have the qualifications required by the acquiring firm?

10.16:  If redundancies have to be made how should companies handle that process?

13.05:  Dawn gives examples of good and bad handling of staff in the acquisition process.

16.19:  Having had a bad experience, did it change your approach to the process of acquisition?

18.10:  There are a number of rims offering broker-like services – how do advisers find a good firm to work with?






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