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Editor’s pick: Advice from 4 business consultants (+1)

In this selection of articles from 2015 we present business advice from four consultants to the financial advice market. PLUS the decision process one adviser business went through before using a business consultant to help it move to the next level of its development.


1. Making time to work on your business not just in it

David J Scarlett: It’s all too easy to get caught up in your firm’s day-to-day operations at the expense of thinking through a proper work and life strategy for the business for you


2. Are you a £1m adviser stuck below £500k?

Brett Davidson: Three ways to take your business to the next level

Davidson, Brett Oct 14

3. Do you have the skills set to lead an adviser business?

Michelle Hoskin: Advisers running their own business need to be strategic and focused leaders


4. Why now is the time to start issuing your own press releases

Graham Jones: Changes to the publishing world mean it is now a great time to get your message out via a press release.


(+1) Why it was time we used a business consultant

ABR editor Rob Kingsbury spoke to Pete Matthew, MD of Jacksons Wealth Management about the decision process that saw it bring in a business consultant to help design its future strategy and proposition.


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