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Be bigger, stronger and faster in 2016

Asking yourself some key questions now can help drive your business forward in the New Year, says Brett Davidson

At the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Conference in Atlanta a few years ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Walter Bond, a former basketball player turned speaker. He made some fabulous points throughout his presentation. Here are a few of the best:

1. “You gotta be good”

Lots of people say they want to make money or succeed in life and they’re not even good at what they do.

2. “Make your service a no-brainer”

If you want more clients you just have to make your service something that people have got to have. That requires two things:

1. Your service solves a problem (but on its own this isn’t enough)

2. Clients enjoy the experience of purchasing from you

To become a no-brainer you have to speak the client’s language and understand them. This understanding comes from your segmentation work and the deep client insights this can provide.

But his best point was:

3. “Commit in the off season”

When Walter was recruited as a basketball player by one of the American colleges, he finished his first season and asked the coach for an honest appraisal.

In Walter’s words the coach said, “Well, you can’t shoot, you can’t dribble, you can’t run and you can’t defend but other than that you’re pretty good”.

So he went away in the off-season and practised his fundamentals and came back bigger, stronger and faster the next season. Every year he went through the same process and went on to have a successful NBA career.

Your off-season

The end of the calendar year can be the off-season for advisers. How can you make it as productive as possible? Ask yourself these questions:

• What are you working on personally and/or professionally so you can come back next season bigger, stronger, faster?

• Be your own coach; if you were giving yourself an appraisal, where would you need to improve?

• How are you going to address that?

• Can you hire someone to do things better than you?

• Can you outsource a job, or do you just need to knuckle down and get skilled in something new if you want to get ahead?

Start planning your off season, and come back bigger, stronger and faster!

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