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6 top tips to improve your LinkedIn visibility

Some simple changes to your LinkedIn profile can be effective in making you stand out from the crowd, says Nicola Mitchell, managing director, Mitchell Moneypenny

LinkedIn is the social media platform that is most commonly used by financial advisers to network, share ideas and increase awareness. But if everyone is using it how do you draw potential clients’ eyes to your profile and make them want to read more? Here are six ways to help you make the most of this channel.

1. Profile Visibility – visit your Public Profile and ensure ‘Customise your Public Profile’ has the ‘everyone’ option selected to maximise the amount of people who can find you and see your posts via search engines. You can also choose which of your personal details are shown when you appear on those platforms. You can access your Public Profile from the drop down box under Profile – click ‘edit profile’ and then click the edit button against the long Linkedin URL under your photo.

2. Key Words – most important!  Choose 5-10 key words and repeat them as often as possible in your linkedIn profile, including your name… so for example instead of ‘John Smith’, change your actual name on your main profile to ’John Smith – Professional Financial Adviser’.

3. Public Profile URL – as well as ensuring your public profile contains all the information you are happy can be made public you also have the option to customise your actual linked-in public URL and insert key words and titles. This can be found directly below ‘Customise your Public Profile’.

4. Get Recommendations – there is a very clever tool which enables you to contact other people you’re connected to on Linked-in and ask whether they would be happy to give you a short written recommendation. Run your cursor over your picture in the top right hand corner of your Home page and go to ‘Privacy & Settings’ and then ‘Manage your Recommendations’ which can be found under your Profile. This can be a great way to get endorsements of skills and experience – don’t forget to give back to others too!

5. Humour – with literally thousands of financial advisers across the UK on this social media platform already it is vital to try and stand out a bit and sometimes a bit of humour and personality can make all the difference.  Try inserting something in the ‘hobbies’, ‘interests’ or ‘contact me’ sections.

6. Groups – showing your expertise and making the right types of contacts is much easier if you select groups that already have others with the same intention.  Search Groups regularly and try to contribute to keep up your profile as activity counts and helps you get found more easily.

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