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3 tips for improving your marketing in 2017

Sam Turner, head of Digital at ClientsFirst, suggests three ways advisers can get the best from their marketing energies this year

If your business plan for 2017 involves improving client retention or adding new clients, then it’s likely that you’ll be expecting to dedicate some resource to your marketing. But what should you do? What will get you the best returns? What still works and what is old hat?

As we help our own clients to plan for 2017, here are just a few of the priorities we’re asking them to focus on.

1. Move away from traditional lead generation

If you use a telemarketing firm to generate leads for your business then make this year the year you give at least a little bit of the budget to something else. With the mooted ban around pension cold calling likely to come into effect at some point soon, the options in this area are likely to dwindle anyway. See this as your opportunity to make a fresh break ahead of other firms.

Advertising on Facebook, for example, can produce definitive returns. Lead Generation adverts capture the details users have already given to Facebook, thus negating the need to send people to a page on your website. They’re proven to be effective too. Just this week we set a campaign live for a client. For a relatively small expenditure, it returned 16 leads on the first day alone.

2. Consider spending some time on your target market

Without a doubt, some of the best marketing we do and see happens for firms who have a really well-defined target market. Don’t settle for the old ‘we target high net worth clients’. Build a picture of exactly what these high net worth clients do, what their challenges and goals are and how you can help them.

While The ultimate guide to a successful retirement is a piece of collateral that may well attract some leads for you,The ultimate retirement guide for doctors, placed in front of doctors alone, is likely to attract many more.

3. Spend a little time expanding your marketing knowledge

An external partner or an internal marketer can help to boost your marketing. Even if you have both of those things, though, there’s no substitute for upskilling a little bit.

Some good reading is a fair place to start. Try regularly checking the Moz Blog, the HubSpot blog or even our own marketing blog.

Learning a bit more about Google Analytics is another good action point. Learning about benchmarks in categories like conversion rates and bounce rates can help you to judge how well your site is performing and to identify where you need some help. Better yet: it will help you to evaluate your internal or external marketing resource. How well are they doing and where could they improve?

Any marketer worth their salt would welcome this kind of knowledgeable feedback and idea creation, so make 2017 the year that you can give it to them.

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