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1.3 million opportunities for advisers to get involved in Auto Enrolment

We ask Chris Daems, director of Cervello Financial Planning and founder of AE in a Box, what opportunities still remain for financial advisers to get involved in the auto enrolment market now all the larger companies have staged. Up to 1.3 million opportunities, he says, and here’s how..

1. Are the opportunities for advisers to get involved in the auto enrolment market now gone since all the larger companies have staged and only the smaller companies remain?

2. [1.56] So how can advisers tackle the market?

3. [3.14] How can auto enrolment software help advisers provide a proposition to the SME employer market?

4. [6.14] How easy is the system to use?

5. [7.32] So what’s the bottom line benefit for advisers using AE in a Box?

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